Knowledge Translation

APPLE Schools Story Catchers help to connect the world-class research studies conducted in APPLE Schools with stories and quotes from students, teachers and families in the schools. Research findings are summarized, and in-school examples of research in action are shared in each of the below Story Catchers:

Story Catcher Volume 1 -  Students in APPLE Schools had a 10% increase in vegetable and fruit consumption compared to the provincial average.

Story Catcher Volume 2 - Low-active students in APPLE Schools experienced an increase in activity 15.3% greater than that of low-active children from comparison schools.

Story Catcher Volume 3 - For every $1 spent on APPLE Schools, $13 in avoided future health care costs is saved. 

Story Catcher Volume 4 - 93.7% of APPLE Schools parents agree or strongly agree with limiting the availability of unhealthy foods in school. 

Story Catcher Volume 5 - Students are nearly 40% less likely to be obese in APPLE Schools than in comparison schools.

Story Catcher Volume 6 - Sustainability in schools is one of the goals of APPLE Schools’ model. Two factors supporting sustainability in APPLE Schools include facilitation and autonomy; and self-efficacy.

Story Catcher Volume 7 - Twenty-nine interviews with APPLE Schools principals led to the emergence of five stages of principal support.