The Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating (APPLE Schools) is helping to define effective ways to create healthy school communities in Alberta. 
The program motivates change and transforms school environments for improved learning and health. The goal of the project is a transformation into a healthy school community.      

APPLE Schools is an evidence based, cost-effective, project. A summary of project results is provided in the overview

Overweight and obesity is a worldwide problem

Unfortunately, overweight children often become overweight adults who are at greater risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. In Alberta, only 30% of Grade 5 students meet the recommendations for vegetable and fruit intake and 2 out of 3 student are considered inactive. 

APPLE Schools have increased student's vegetable and fruit intake by 10%. The students are 35% more active and are 40% less likely to be obese. 

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APPLE Schools Vision

Healthy Kids in Healthy Schools            

APPLE Schools Mission  

APPLE Schools will empower school communities to lead, choose and be healthy. Students' active living and healthy eating habits will be supported through sustainable changes to school, home and community environments. 

Our Purpose: 

  1. To improve healthy living habits of students. 
  2. To increase knowledge about healthy living for parents, students, teachers and the school community. 
  3. To apply and sustain Comprehensive School Health in school communities.
  4. To sustain capacity for healthy environments in school communities.

APPLE Schools started in 2008. It had been developed, piloted, delivered and evaluated under the direction of Professor Paul Veugelers in the School of Public Health. The program was operated by the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta until September 1, 2013. Ongoing management and delivery of this flourishing program now occurs independently from the University of Alberta under the direction of the The APPLE Schools Foundation's Board of Directors. With its proven success in improving children's health, APPLE Schools now reaches more than 16,500 children in 51 Alberta schools. The APPLE Schools Foundation, a registered charitable foundation, provides funding to support the mandate of the project. The Foundation's mandate is to conceive, deliver and assess programs designed to enable individuals and communities to adopt practices to enhance individual and community health and education, and prevent chronic disease.

The APPLE Schools staff provides extensive experience and expertise on the implementation of comprehensive school health in vulnerable school communities. 

Mailing Address 

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